Beware of Bridgeveyor knockoffs.

C-250™ Conveyor Systems

The Original Bridgeveyor™ Overhead Conveyor System

Why Choose The Bridgeveyor™ C-250™?

c-250-main overhead conveyor chain

It’s a Smart Investment

From small workshops to the largest manufacturing and warehousing facilities,
you need to know that the overhead conveyor chain system you choose makes the most sense for your business goals and bottom line.

Beware of Bridgeveyor Knockoffs


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D-2000 Jam Prevention Switch

This device would be installed at the exit side of the “D-2000 Drive Plate Section,” and would be activated when loose chain occurs in the system. Subsequently, the Drive Dog could lift the loose and accumulated conveyor chain, tripping the switch and automatically signalling to the conveyor control station to stop movement of the conveyor system before damage occurs.

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Maximize Productivity | Minimize Costs

  • Designed to Your Specifications – Get the performance you need for your application, in your space, without compromising your requirements.
  • Installs Quickly & Easily – Bolted connections mean no welding. Your system can be installed and operating in a couple of weeks.
  • Choose an Installation Option – Reduce costs by installing your Bridgeveyor™ C-250™ yourself. Or get the help of Bridgeveyor™ installation specialist. Or let Bridgeveyor™ do it all for you.
  • Have More Floor Space – Optimize your valuable floor space with the C-250’s™ combination of roof and floor supports.
  • Minimize Downtime – Count on continuous operation from the durable D-2000 chain drive, pre-stretched chain and easy maintenance schedule.
  • Fit Your Floorplan – Need to get around a tight corner? Over a piece of machinery? No overhead conveyor system has tighter curves or greater design versatility – horizontal, vertical and everything in between.
  • Put Safety First – Your employees are protected. The C-250™ has no exposed drive cogs, wheels, sprockets or chain guides. Convey Virtually Any Product – Versatile chain pendants adjust to carry a wide-range of product configurations and weights.
  • Eliminate Product Contamination – The enclosed track and oil and dust shields on each chain pendant keep your product clean.
  • Scale Your System – Easily expand or adjust your overhead conveyor systems with modular components that are ready to go when you need them
  • Our Conveyor Systems are available in both mild steel as well as stainless steel.
  • Quality Materials & Construction – As strong as it is light-weight, the C-250™ is made from top-quality, zinc-plated, heat-treated components manufactured or sourced in North America.

Not sure if your current conveyor is an Original Bridgeveyor™ C-250™? Just look for the distinctive “Bridgeveyor™” brand on each component. It’s your proof that you have “The Original.”

Proven Performance

With thousands of successful installations worldwide, millions of feet of conveyors and decades of low-maintenance operation, the Original Bridgeveyor™ C-250™ is the right choice to maximize the value of your investment in an overhead conveyor system.

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Conveyor System Components

  • L-375 Automatic Oiler c/w Stainless Steel Brush
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  • L-375 Automatic Oiler c/w Stainless Steel Brush

    Solenoid operated and drip type lubricators come complete with a mounting bracket that attaches to the inside of the appropriate track inspection section flange. The TI-255-B Inspection Section has a hole to allow the lubricator brush to pass through and contact the chain.

  • TH-210 Low Profile Track Hanger

    The Low profile design allows the bottom of the track to be within 3-1/4″ of the supporting structure.

  • TI-255-A&B Track Inspection Section

    It is required that every system contain at least one Track Inspection Section for the purpose of access to the chain for installation, maintenance, inspection, lubrication, and cleaning (if necessary).  For convenience we recommend that every 200′ of conveyor track have one additional Inspection Section.

  • WB-750 Wall Bracing Connector

    This WB-750 is utilized when 90 degree sway bracing is required. This clip designed to mount onto any flat surface (eg. concrete or block wall, steel beam, posts etc). This Wall Brace Connector comes with our standard TR-200 1/2″ Threaded Rod for mounting.

  • BC-300 Beam Clamp

    The BC-300 can be used to support and attach to an overhead I-Beam or Truss type building structure. This mounting clip will accommodate any standard I-Beam with a maximum overall width of 8″. This same clamp can be used to attach Sway Bracing from an overhead structure.

  • SB-450 & SB-550 Sway Bracing Connectors
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  • SB-450 & SB-550 Sway Bracing Connectors

    The SB-450 is designed to mount onto the TH-200 Track Hanger for rigid side support bracing. This unique connector will swivel to any designed angle which permits bracing from most desirable points (for example, from a ceiling truss or from an WB-750 Wall Brace). This SB-450 connector comes with our standard TR-200 1/2″ Threaded Rod for mounting. The SB-550 is designed to attach onto the SL-300 Track Hanger Sleeve for use with schedule 40 x .75″ pipe.

  • Typical Angle Iron Support Assembly

    Angle Iron supports are an economical and common means of suspending overhead conveyors. Standard Bridgeveyor attachements eliminate the need for welding, and facilities levelling of the conveyor track.

  • Typical Pipe Support Assembly

    One standard method of conveyor support. 3/4″ schedule 40 pipe may be used. Zinc plated finish avoids the need for painting. Completely bolt together construction eliminates overhead welding.

  • TH-200 Track Hanger C/W Threaded Rod For Standard Support Mounting
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  • TH-200 Track Hanger C/W Threaded Rod For Standard Support Mounting

    The special design of our TH-200 Track Hanger allows for mounting on any section of track, including any vertical incline sections. The unique swivel design of the 1/2″ Threaded Rod should always be located in an upright position. For adequate centre supports, we recommend that the following be used.

    Load Per Foot

    • 1- 65 lbs
    • Over 65 lbs

    Centre Distance of Supports

    • Every 7 ft.
    • Every 5 ft.
  • Curves

    Many combinations of turns may be obtained by joining our standard horizontal and vertical curves. All curves are hardened for wear resistance and clean operation. No sprockets or corner wheels are required, thus reducing installation and maintenance costs. All horizontal and vertical curves are available in stock sizes. Horizontal Curves are available in 9″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ radius, standard degrees are 15, 30, 45, 90, & 180, but custom degrees are also available. Vertical Curves are available in 18″, & 24″ radius and the standard degrees are 30, 45, 90, 180. Custom degrees are also available.

  • Carriers

    Carriers are designed to specifically suit each application, but Bridgeveyor has many styles you can also choose from. Keeping in mind the importance of adequate clearance between carriers at curves and inclines, you must govern the pitch by rate at which loads are handled and by the speed of the conveyor. Carriers must balance the load. For applications where tight storage is required, the SR-306 Multiple Storage Rack can be used.

  • TF-204 Track Flange

    One pair of TF-204 Flanges are required for each track join Bolt together construction eliminates the need for overhead welding and makes future line modifications simple. The Bridgeveyor TF-204-A Track Flange is used for Trolley (non-powered) applications. The closed flange prevents trolleys from exiting the T-250 Conveyor Track.

  • C-250 Conveyor Chain

    Designed to provide maximum flexibility in all directions. The C-250 Conveyor Chain is stamped from high quality alloy steel, providing a high tensile strength piece of equipment. The component parts are heat treated and then zinc plated for protection from wear as well as resistance to corrosive environments. The machined ball bearing wheels (with hardened race) provide long, smooth running conveyors, capable of carrying heavy loads. The chain will also operate well at high temperatures in oven applications. The extremely low friction design of our C-250 Chain ensures trouble free operation for many years.

  • T-250 Conveyor Track

    Custom roll formed for a special ordered alloy steel for better load carrying capabilities. The T-250 Enclosed Track is manufactured and shipped in 10 ft. lengths for easy hanling, and can be easily modified in the field. The patented enclosed track design protects the moving chain from debris and other contamination (such as paint). The T-250 Conveyor Track provides built in runaway protection and is supplied with our zinc finish. Weight = 2.4 lbs/ft.