Inmate Property Storage Solutions

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Unless you worked in law enforcement, a jail, or a detention center, you might never imagine that a major part of the operation of a correctional facility is having systems in place for efficient and secure inmate property storage. And it’s a large undertaking at least partly because of factors that are beyond the control of any property storage system. Factors like drastic space limitations, widely varying property retention requirements, and the mere passage of time that puts any storage system to its most severe test.

Two Main Types of Storage Requirements

Every correctional facility in North America is required to maintain an inmate property storage facility on premises. Inmate property generally falls into one of two classifications.

  • Personal Property – Inmate possessions classified as personal property includes anything that may be carried on the inmate’s person that must be secured. Personal property can include cash, identification, jewelry, cell phones, and anything that may be used to injure the inmate or those around him, like a belt.
  • General Property – General property can include clothing and footwear.

Personal property and general property have different storage requirements. Personal property is usually gathered upon arrest and, considering its generally smaller size and potential value, it needs to be securely boxed or containerized in some way.

General property isn’t collected until it’s determined that the inmate will be in custody for a certain period of time. Due to its nature and potential bulk, a garment storage system is most often used.

Overhead conveyor systems offer many advantages for garment storage. Primarily, they are able to handle a high volume of garment storage bags while offering fast, automated retrieval of an individual property bag. Overhead systems also make the most use of restricted space. They can be configured to fit any space, large or small, and they use the space overhead, which is often underutilized.

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