3 Visual Merchandising Display Ideas

February 13, 2019 Leave your thoughts
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Before we get into our visual merchandising design ideas, let’s start from the beginning to give the ideas context. According to Wikipedia, merchandising is a “variety of products available for sale and the display of those products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase”.

It defines visual merchandising as “developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales”.

We know Wikipedia may not be the most definitive source for information about merchandising, but their definitions fit with those accepted by the industry. And that’s why we wanted to start with them.

Considering the competition from online retailers, it’s time for bricks and mortar shops to rethink the traditional definition of visual merchandising. It’s time to put the advantages held by bricks and mortar stores, especially to let the customer see, touch and feel the actual product, to work to increase sales.

Ideas for Visual Merchandising That Change the Customer Experience

Not all of these ideas may work for you, but hopefully they help you come up with your own ‘customer experience’ ideas.

  1. Take a Cue From the Apple Store – Walk into an Apple Store and what do you see? Instead of aisles of boxed products and a few on display, you see rows of people actually using the products. As much as you can, have demonstration products available for customers to pick up, smell, play with or otherwise experience.
  2. Get Dynamic – Walk through a mall and you’ll pass endless stores with static displays of products in their windows. But add movement to those products, like by running them the window on an overhead conveyor chain, and not only will you catch their imagination, you can literally guide them into the store.
  3. Give the Product Relatable Context – How would you display bottles of perfume in a store window? Would it convey a context the customer could identify with? Check out this perfume display to see what we mean.

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