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Bridgeveyor™ Overhead Conveyors

The original, north american made C-250™ conveyor line


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About The Unique Stainless Steel Systems by Bridgeveyor™

Need to meet strict standards for handling food or medical products? Want an overhead conveyor that’ll withstand the elements in the great outdoors? Bridgeveyor is the only overhead conveyor manufacturer that offers complete stainless steel conveyor systems that meet the strictest standards and handle the harshest conditions.

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We Are Bridgeveyor™

Bridgeveyor™ Overhead Conveyor Systems is a North American company and is “the original manufacturer of the C-250™ conveyor line. Our systems are in use in thousands of installations around the world. Continuing product development since our first installations in 1970 ensures the most advanced design in enclosed track overhead conveyors available. Our distributors look forward to the challenge of designing a system to meet your requirements.

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Bridgeveyor™ Conveyor Systems

Overhead Conveyor Chain C-250C-250™ Conveyor Chain

Designed to provide maximum flexibility in all directions, the patented C-250™ Conveyor chain is stamped from high quality alloy steel, providing a high tensile strength. The component parts are head treated strength. The component parts are heat treated and then zinc plated for full protection form wear as well as resistance to corrosive environments. The machined ball bearing wheels with hardened race provide long lasting, smooth running overhead conveyors, capable of carrying very heavy loads. The chain will operate satisfactorily at high temperatures in oven applications. The extremely low friction design of our chain ensues many years of trouble free service. Weight – 1.5 lbs. per foot.

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Available in Stainless Steel as well as Mild Steel

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