3 Ways Overhead Conveyors Help Warehouse Productivity

November 3, 2016 Leave your thoughts
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Space isn’t everything. Many businesses feel that with enough warehouse space, their warehouse will function smoothly. But, more important than how much space you have to operate in your warehouse, is making your warehouse operate more efficiently.

From inventory management systems to just-in-time deliveries, there are a number of ways to improve your warehouse productivity.

But few single systems or practices offer as many productivity-boosting benefits as an overhead conveyor. And freeing up floor space is just the beginning.

1. Maximize the Use of Your Warehouse Space

Instead of looking to add square footage when your warehouse space is tight, simply look up. There is no more underutilized space in a warehouse than all the wide open area above your head.

But how do you get your warehoused materials from the floor to the ceiling? Overhead conveyors will help carry aloft just about anything you store in your warehouse.

2. Streamline Product Movement

Busy warehouses are places of constantly moving products and materials. Inventory is received and orders are shipped. The faster and easier you move products within your warehouse, the more productive it will be. Overhead conveyors can be used to eliminate time-consuming manual storage and retrieval, automate picking and packing, and generally get things to and from shipping and receiving faster and more efficiently.

3. Yes, They Save Lots of Floor Space

Floor space is the most precious commodity in a warehouse. More than a square foot, when you consider all the space above the floor, one square foot of floor space represents many cubic feet of storage space. Even if you already use conveyors to help automate your warehouse, if they are not overhead conveyors, they are chewing up hundreds and thousands of cubic feet of space that could be better used to perform the functions you need from your warehouse.

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