3 Overhead Conveyor Maintenance Tips

April 17, 2019 Leave your thoughts
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Whether it’s a Rolls Royce or your lawnmower, every piece of machinery lasts longer with proper maintenance. But while you take your car to a mechanic and you know enough to keep your mower well-oiled, overhead conveyor systems maintenance isn’t always as easy to understand or carry out.  

Pay Attention to These Issues When Maintaining Conveyors

Fortunately, we have your back. We have overhead conveyor systems that have been operating virtually maintenance-free for decades. By looking out for just the following few issues, there’s no reason your business couldn’t enjoy a similar lifespan from your conveyor.

  1. Keep Overhead Conveyor Chains Adjusted – This is an easy fix that isn’t required very often due to how your conveyor is designed. As you operate the conveyor for a period of time, the chain can stretch. The conveyor system has a built-in “take-up device to keep the chain at the optimal operating tension.
    But even the tension of the take-up spring can be reduced over time. The result can be conveyor jams (unless your system is equipped with a jam prevention switch) or undue wear and tear. All that’s needed is an adjustment of the spring compression to return the tension required to avoid the problems.
  2. Make it a Well-Oiled Machine – This one is simple. Chain bearings must be properly lubricated. If not, the friction increases can place unreasonable loads of your entire system, causing mechanical or electrical overloads.
  3. Keep it Clean – Even enclosed track overhead conveyors can be contaminated with dust, dirt, paint, shavings, or anything else that’s airborne near the conveyor. Whether it’s on the chain, bearing or track, contamination increases the workload on the system and can damage the system. The more you do to prevent and remove contamination, the longer your system will last.

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