How Overhead Conveyors can Improve Workplace Safety

Workplace health and safety is key not only for the employees who may be hurt on the job. For the companies they work for who may be liable for any injuries their staff suffers. Have you ever considered how overhead conveyors can improve workplace safety?

From how they handle materials, to the environment they work in, the health and safety of employees can be negatively affected in any number of ways. In the end, whether it’s at home or on the job, accidents happen. That puts the onus on businesses to do everything they can to minimize the chance of injury or health threats to their workers. And doing that thoroughly can even come down to the conveyor systems they choose for their factories and warehouses.

How Overhead Conveyors can Make Your Workplace Safer versus Floor-Based Conveyors

Just about everything and anything in your workplace, from machinery and equipment to storage shelves, can pose some risk to workers’ health and safety. For conveyor systems, choosing an overhead system versus a floor based model can improve the safety of your workplace in many ways.

1.Overhead Conveyors are Out of the Way

Even when an overhead conveyor brings its load to floor level, the conveyor components themselves generally remain well above the heads of workers and out of the way. Floor-based conveyors are, at some point along their length, six feet or less off the floor. That means if a worker trips near the conveyor, they can either strike the conveyor or reach out for it to try stop themselves from falling, which can cause an injury.

2.You Don’t Have to Work Around an Overhead Conveyor

Every step a worker takes in handling materials is a potential misstep. Simply having to work around floor-based conveyors can increase the risks of an accident.

3.Overhead Conveyors Offer More Options for Materials Handling

With the ability to use more of the space higher up in a facility, overhead conveyor systems can offer options for materials handling, like the drying of freshly-painted products. Safety risks might be increased if workers had to handle the materials to do the same thing.

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