Overhead Conveyors Open Up Dynamic Storage Space in Your Facility

If your business uses a manufacturing plant. How much of the total space of the facility do you think your operations occupy? The minimum clear height for ceilings of class ‘A’ industrial buildings is about eight meters, with the standard being more like 10 meters.

With that in mind, we suggest that most factories use less than half of the space inside the building. To do even that, they would need machinery that was 15 feet high throughout the building.

It’s All Storage Space

So your business pays to heat and cool a lot of space. But gets little or no use out of it, except as a place to put your heating and cooling equipment and lines.

What if you were able to turn it all into storage space? Imagine adding storage capacity to your facility comparable to your floor space, without needing to build a second floor.

Overhead Conveyors Help You Make it Dynamic Storage Space

Generally free of machinery and other major obstacles, the open overhead space in your facility allows overhead conveyor systems to adopt any configuration, change heights and go around support structures.

That lets you turn space into dynamic storage space. But what do we mean by ‘dynamic’?

Conventional storage space is just that, ‘conventional’. You use it to keep things until they are needed. When they are required, you go and get whatever you need.

But by storing parts, packaging and/or products overhead using an overhead conveyor, the conveyor does the retrieving for you. Whether on demand or in predetermined time intervals. Whatever you have stored above is delivered to workstations, shipping areas or wherever it needs to go, automatically by the overhead conveyor.

To learn more about how your business can take advantage of the dynamic storage options offered by overhead conveyors, contact Bridgeveyor today.