3 Benefits of a Stainless Steel Overhead Conveyor

September 21, 2016 Leave your thoughts
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Not many people alive today were around to know it, but the world changed a lot back in 1913. That was the year, in a search for ways to make the guns used by British soldiers more durable, metallurgist Harry Brearly added chromium to iron and discovered stainless steel.

In trying to solve one problem – helping his home country’s cause in the looming world war – Brearly solved many more problems than he could ever imagine. In the years since his discovery, stainless steel has gone on to revolutionize the worlds of construction (all those gleaming downtown skyscrapers use stainless steel), Manufacturing (rust-free metal products) and, of particular interest to us here at Bridgeveyor, overhead conveyor systems.

The basic advantage of stainless steel in a conveyor system is that the alloy does not rust or corrode in any way. Which eliminates the chance of product contamination and extends the lifetime of the system.

3 Benefits of Using a Stainless Steel Overhead Conveyor:

1. High Durability

You can’t beat the corrosion-free durability of a stainless steel conveyor. That toughness makes it a great choice for lines that are required to run around-the-clock or at constant high speeds.

2. Easy to Clean

Stainless steel literally just washes off with a mild detergent or pressure washer. The ability to keep stainless steel conveyors clean. Makes it the choice of food processors that need to comply with guidelines for hygiene.

3. Smooth Operation

The surface of stainless steel is not nearly as pitted as the surface of regular steel or other metals. So it doesn’t keep as much dirt and grime on its moving parts. Stainless steel ensures you can count on smooth operation every time from your overhead conveyor.

Stainless steel might not be the right choice for every application. But if you need meet regulatory compliances, want to reduce product contamination or need to operate a high-performance overhead conveyor system, you need stainless steel.