The Bottom-Line Reason for Using Overhead Conveyors

August 16, 2017 Leave your thoughts
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Archimedes said, ‘the shortest distance between two points is a straight line’ and old Archi was spot on. But, while he was undeniably correct, his point can be misleading in the real world.

For example, if you’re trying to move your warehoused products out the door as quickly as possible, then you should have a conveyor that runs in a straight line from where the products are stored to your loading dock. Except the reality is that there is other equipment, other product storage, brick walls and who knows what else in your way.

That means the straight-line approach can get very expensive with having to create a new floorplan to move equipment and storage locations, and cut huge holes in walls, which means you’ll need an engineer to make sure you’re not compromising the structural integrity of the building, and so on.  Or maybe the straight-line approach is not the best way to move your products out the door.

The Shortest Distance

Without being able to use the ‘straight line’. Then the shortest possible distance becomes your quickest route to get your products to the dock. But, even if you happen to have an uninterrupted route along the floor. That can accommodate a conventional conveyor. Can you afford to lose all the floor-space that it will take up?

Presuming that your floor-space, like everyone else’s, is expensive and in short supply, now what is your shortest distance?

Overhead Conveyors to the Rescue

When you introduce overhead conveyors as a solution for finding the shortest, practical distance between warehousing and shipping. Suddenly all the questions stop and answers seem to be everywhere.

Yes, you have found the shortest, practical route out the door – and the answer has been overhead all along. Yes, you can use all your floor space for other, more cost-effective purposes. Yes, you can easily layout the conveyor to suit the space without hiring an engineering consulting firm. Yes, you can even use the overhead conveyor to add storage options overhead too.

And finally, yes, your bottom line will be happy you chose an overhead conveyor too.