The C-250™ is a Work of Art – It’s Literally a Work of Art

April 8, 2016 Leave your thoughts
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We hope you noticed the photograph of the C-250™ conveyor line on our homepage. And we hope that you thought something is a little odd about it.

First, the system in the image is an overhead conveyor system, but it’s not set up to operate from overhead. It’s upside down.

Second, the system seems to make more twists and turns than anyone would think possible for a working conveyor system.

Third, there’s a red balloon on the conveyor.

The Answers are Why it’s a Work of Art

The image in the home page is of a C-250™ conveyor system that was set up for an art installation at a museum in France. So that’s why it’s upside down and twisty.

The Red Balloon? The artwork is inspired by the 1956 short film “Le Ballon Rouge” (The Red Balloon), which, in addition to winning awards around the world. Including the Plame d’Or at Cannes, is the only short film ever to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

It’s Still an Overhead Conveyor System

Work of art or not, we feel the image on our homepage highlights the versatility and possibilities presented by the original C-250™ overhead conveyor.

Made to Fit Your Existing Space

Too many building and production managers presume that installing an overhead system means moving things around to accommodate it, including the downtime that goes with having to do so. But if you follow the line of the system in the image, you can see how drastically, or subtly, the system layout can happen, which means it can go over or around your existing equipment and machinery.

Use Your Vertical Space

Among the most wasted space in any warehouse, manufacturing plant or industrial unit is the emptiness overhead. While the C-250™ can climb much greater heights than those shown on the homepage. The image does highlight the endless variations of height that can be used.

One Drive

Finally, notice that the entire system on the homepage. Including all the curves, the ups, and the downs, big and small, is driven by a single D-2000 chain drive. That drive would operate the same, whether you had 50 pound loads on each carrier or a single red balloon

We’d be happy to show you how the versatility of the C-250™ can help improve workflow and operations in your business. Call us today.