Ever Heard of a Gravity-Fed Overhead Conveyor System?

October 14, 2016 Leave your thoughts
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“Why should it not go sideways, or upwards?” thought Sir Isaac Newton as he saw an apple fall from a tree. (Landing on the ground and not on his head, as the legend tells us.) With that thought, Sir Isaac was the first human being to identify the law of attraction between two masses. A law we now know as gravity.

Ever since that apple hit the ground. Scientists and engineers have put the law of gravity to work in a variety of ways to accomplish a number of tasks. From turning a mill wheel to giving rollercoaster riders a thrill.

Not to be outdone, the technicians here at Bridgeveyor put gravity to work to run an overhead conveyor. Imagine the cost savings of not having to operate or maintain a motor drive to run a conveyor system?  Hoover Universal, a major manufacturer of foam car seats for all major North American car builders. Gets the benefits from a gravity-fed overhead conveyor system designed and installed by Bridgeveyor.

The “up and over monorail feed” is a unique type of conveyor. That is a stand-alone gravity fed unit with a continuous loop of conveyor chain moving within it. The conveyor allows workers who handle car seat frames. To continuously supply them to the people working with the seat foam molds that will be attached to the frames.

As each frame is added to carriers on the frame-side of the conveyor, its weight pushes the chain along the conveyor system, carrying the supply of frames to the foam mold assembly area without any motorization.

The gravity-fed overhead conveyor is just one of three systems installed in the plant, the other two being over 400 feet and 900 feet long respectively.

The gravity-fed system at Hoover Universal is yet another example of how overhead conveyors can be designed to meet unique production requirements.