How Conveyors can Solve Two Problems at Once

July 29, 2016 Leave your thoughts
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While many warehousing and distribution centres operated in much the same fashion for decades, the emergence of e-commerce changes the way they operate.

It used to be that, if a distribution centre moved products for more than one business, those companies were larger and fulfilling their orders generally meant shipping full cases of goods. If there were smaller orders or companies that had required less-than-a-case order fulfillment, they often could be done efficiently by hand.

But e-commerce has changed the distribution and fulfillment game. It now involves many smaller players (your clients) who need a higher ratio of smaller, split-carton orders to be picked, packed and delivered.

The problem is that the split-carton orders are no longer an exception and filling the higher volume order by hand is no longer as effective. And the subsequent problem of recycling master cartons is created when all their contents have been picked.

Conveyors Solve Both Problems

One of the key features of an overhead conveyor is that it does not need to be devoted to a single task or to carry a single type of product. In fact, with the availability of a wide variety of conveyor carriers – the link between the conveyor load and the pendant connected to the chain – a single conveyor could carry many different sorts of items, from containers carrying split-orders to individual products. Perfect for the wide variety of items you might need to convey to your e-commerce clients.

It also means that, not only do overhead conveyors help you manage the split-order cartons and totes, you can also expedite the recycling of empty containers simply by adding a carrier for them on the same conveyor.

Order fulfillment and container recycling all in one action. Aren’t overhead conveyor chain systems wonderful? We think so to find out more about overhead conveyors give us a call here at Bridgeveyor