How Overhead Conveyors Solve Material Handling Issues

September 20, 2017 Leave your thoughts
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Remember the good old days? If your business involves moving products through a factory, warehouse, and overall supply chain, the good old days were when you could rely on the same material handling systems that you used, well, forever.

The reality for today’s warehouse, factory and supply chain planners and managers is that the only thing that remains consistent is disruption.

One simple but important example is delivery times. While just a few years ago delivery times to the end consumer of two or three weeks was acceptable. Today it would be a one-way ticket to go out of business. Consumers expect at least over-night delivery to their homes and same-day delivery to a nearby pick-up point. At least.

That puts pressure on every link in your supply change to reduce their material handling times.

That relentless pursuit of faster flow-through times has created yet another headache for you. One of the ways to increase delivery speeds is to store products closer to the consumer. It’s why companies like Amazon, Google & Walmart are setting up distribution centers as fast as they can.

But for mere mortal companies like yours, it usually means finding more room in your existing space to have more products or materials ready to go.

So now, not only do you need to move things faster, you have to do so with less space. What’s the answer?

Overhead Conveyors to the Rescue

By putting overhead conveyor systems to work for your materials handling processes, you solve two ‘disruptions’ at once.

1. Faster Handling

By moving materials and products through your space without the limitations of doing so on the floor, you reduce the time they spend in the facility and speed up the time it takes to get them to the next link in the chain.

2. More Space

By taking advantages of the cavernous space that’s overhead in your facility, you leave as much valuable floor space available for whatever you need to do to remain competitive.

Want to See How it Can All Work for You?

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