Why Overhead Conveyors Let You Think Outside the Box

October 17, 2018 Leave your thoughts
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Your warehouse, factory or workshop is, literally, a box. Whether we like it or not, a square or rectangular shape works best for commercial and industrial buildings. So outside-the-box thinking isn’t really a part of basic building design.

But that doesn’t have to be true for what you do inside the building. Overhead conveyors can be your ticket to outside-the-box thinking for a lot of what you do inside the box.

When Overhead Conveyors Help You Think Outside the Box

After almost 50 years of designing, manufacturing and installing overhead conveyor systems, we still see new ideas and applications regularly. So we can’t cover them all here. But there are some common times when, faced with a seemingly unsolvable situation, overhead conveyors can come to the rescue.

Space Shortage

It seems like a bit of a stretch to consider an overhead conveyor system as a solution for the shortage of space in a warehouse or factory. But that’s where thinking outside-the-box comes in.
It might be needed as part of an overall assembly line or production process, or you simply need storage space, but overhead conveyors offer practical solutions that are far less costly and risky than expanding your building’s storage capacity.
Also, you can free-up massive amounts of square footage by replacing some or all of your floor-based conveyors with overhead versions.

When You’re Short-Staffed

Have you ever done an analysis of the operations in your facility to optimize labour efficiency? Even if you have, without outside-the-box thinking, you may have optimized for the movement of goods on the floor. But, by taking that movement overhead, not only do you make the process faster, but you may not need as much labour to run it.

Anywhere There’s Downtime in Your WIP (Work-in-Progress)

If you assemble or manufacture goods, there will likely be a point in your workflow where the goods need to be temporarily stored before the next production step. You can either use valuable floorspace, or move it all overhead until it’s needed.

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