Overhead Conveyors Help Warehouses With E-commerce Distribution

December 5, 2016 Leave your thoughts
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If you own or manage a warehouse. The emergence of online retailing and eCommerce have created a bit of a golden age in your industry. Trade publications are full of headlines about warehouse space shortages around the world.

But, as with every growth opportunity, there are problems with being able to take advantage of the warehousing boom. Traditional warehousing wisdom told you to store your most popular items near the loading docks because you’ll spend less time getting them out the door.

But meeting the needs of eCommerce distribution has introduced a somewhat different set of requirements. First, you will need to handle more and a wider variety of customers, products, weights, and sizes. Second, you will need to manage different channels of distribution, from delivering to traditional retail outlets, to increasingly making ‘last mile’ deliveries directly to consumers’ homes.

To meet the new demands of eCommerce distribution with traditional warehouse guidelines, you would have to place every product in your warehouse be close to the loading dock.

How to Get Every Product in Your Warehouse Out the Door Fast

Overhead conveyor systems can get your products from the shelves to the loading dock quickly and efficiently, and solve many of the other demands of eCommerce warehousing and distribution:

1. Carry Products of Different Sizes and Configurations

Using bins that can carry a wide variety of products, one conveyor system can meet the needs of a number of your eCommerce customers.

2. Use More of Your Space

Many warehouses have space that is so remote, they are underutilized for revenue-generating storage. But an overhead conveyor can make even the darkest corner of your warehouse more productive.

3. Be Ready for ‘On-Demand’ Delivery

If you’ve kept an eye on distribution news, the big eCommerce players, including Amazon, Walmart, and Google. Are in a heated race to offer customers faster and faster delivery times. Same day delivery is almost routine and one-hour delivery is on the horizon. Overhead conveyors set up your warehouse to quickly get every product ‘on and gone’.

From faster receiving to pick and pack processes, overhead conveyor systems can streamline a number of your warehousing processes. Call Bridgeveyor today to find out how you can set-up your warehouse to get the full benefit of the eCommerce boom.